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Cat health problems

What do you know about the common cat health problems? In general, cats are healthy animals, but there may be certain medical issues that you should take into account in order to keep your cat safe. To prevent this cat health problems, we recommend at least two visits a year to your veterinarian.

In today’s article we will present the 5 most common cat health problems.

1. Ocular problems

Ocular problems in cats can be varied – conjunctivitis, ulceration of the cornea, cataract, glaucoma, trauma, viruses, inflammation and retinal disorders. Symptoms that show their existence include very wet eyes, furry blemishes due to tears, cloudy eyes, red or white marks on the eyes, frequent touch of the eyes with the paw or a third visible eyelid.

2. Diseases of the lower urinary tract

Studies show that more than 3% of cats suffer from lower urinary tract problems,a cat health problem well know by vets. . These are a group of feline-specific diseases (also known as the FLUTD acronym), with different causes, affecting both males and females. In general, overweight cats or those who eat only dry food are prone to these diseases. Stress, a multi-cat environment or sudden changes are risk factors. Symptoms include: urine with blood, urination in unusual places, frequent urination, crying during urination, licking or excessive grooming of the genital area, dehydration, lack of appetite and even depression.

3. Vomiting – the most common cat health problem

Vomiting is a common health problem in cats and can be based on a variety of causes. These start from swallowing a poisonous or inedible object and go up to infections, urinary tract problems and even diabetes. The symptoms are visible and are accompanied by abdominal contractions. It may be an acute state of vomiting that is a spontaneous event and can be resolved by the help of diet or a chronic state of vomiting that involves repeated episodes of vomiting, which can lead to dehydration. In the second case, the visit to the Venetian environment is required. It is useful to take a sample of vomit with you so that it can analyze it.

4. Diseases of the teeth and gums

Cats can lose their teeth much faster than normal because of excessive bacterial plaque buildup, gingival inflammation or immune system problems. In some cases, cats refuse solid food, the gums fall apart and the teeth appear bare, defending the possibility that they may fall. In order to avoid these medical problems, we recommend that once a year you should go to a dental office to remove the excess plaque.

5. Infection with parasites

Parasitic infection is one of the most common medical problems encountered in cats. This may be due to fleas or ticks and lead to anemia. You can prevent this problem by washing the cat with shampoo against fleas and ticks, avoiding the exit to large, mostly unknown spaces and weekly cleaning the space in the house. Another problem that lies here is intestinal parasites. They can occur in the case of consumption of insufficiently prepared or raw meat or the use of unhygienic sand in the litter. Chicks are much more sensitive and prone to these infections. A medical check is required to identify the type of intestinal parasites and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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