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Mistakes in cats feeding and diet can endanger their health. They need a certain diet to be calm and happy, a healthy and balanced one. Although the feeding of cats is simpler than that of dogs, in their case great attention should be paid to allergenic factors.

Exaggerated feeding – common mistake in cats feeding

One of the main mistakes in cats feeding is over-feeding. It does not mean that you care more about your cat if you give it a lot of food. The daily amount of food varies depending on breed, personality, weight and physical activity. The rule stipulates that a healthy adult cat, with a normal diet, needs daily 15-20 grams / 1 kg of its body weight. Useful information can be found on the packaging of each type of chosen food

Offering unhealthy food 

Cats are delusional and tend to ask when their owners cook. You should know that there are types of food that you consider healthy but which can cause adverse reactions in cats. For example, chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, two substances that can cause diarrhea, palpitations and even seizures. Raisins and grapes can lead to kidney failure. The bones are completely forbidden, the cat can drown very easily. Although cats like fish a diet based on it can lead to anemia or mercury poisoning. And the examples may continue …

Offering high calorie food

Another mistake in the nutrition of cats is the provision of food with a high energy level such as liver. This is harmful for both the cat and the owner because it increases body temperature and pressure, making the cat difficult to be controled.

Food at its discretion

Leaving cat food at the discretion of the cat all day, also known as free feeding, is a common mistake in feeding cats. Cats fed in this way are generally overweight, bored, lethargic. In nature, felines never have food available so they have to hunt to get it. Therefore, instead of a free feeding is recommended feeding several times a day, after an episode of effort. Timer dishes make this possible even in your absence.

Not consult the veterinarian about the proper cat diet

Cat food labels are a good source of information. However, research is based on information from non spayed cats that have higher metabolic requirements. Therefore, if you respect them and your cat is weaned, it is possible to offer it more food than it needs. In addition, at different stages of life and under certain medical conditions, a cat may change its caloric needs. For example, a kitten will have high caloric requirements due to the energy needed to grow it. Until the age of nine months it is important to respect a specific diet. The most practical thing is to talk to a veterinarian to determine the nutritional needs of your cat.

On top of all this, remember that cats are pretentious animals that need order and cleanliness in the area where they eat.

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