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Cutting nails to dogs and cats

Although we do not recommend this, more and more owners choose to cut their pet nails. Just like people’s nails, the dogs nails are constantly growing and should be cut regularly. Otherwise, if they are too long, they can break, then infect or grow in the paw (especially the claws).

If the pet does not walk often on hard surfaces, it is recommended to cut them once, every 2 weeks.

Under no circumstances use human manicure nails because they can crush or tear the nail.

In dogs, we observe two areas of the nail: one vascularized and opaque (pink) and another transparent. The nail is made up of a rough coat that shelters a vascularized and innate part.

Cut the nail tip in the transparent area a few millimeters before the beginning of the vascularized area.

More difficult is when the nail is dark, because the vascularized part of the nail is not noticeable, so it has to be cut a bit from the top, from near to close.

A properly cut nail does not have contact with the ground when the animal walks.

If you cut from the vascularized side, it most likely will bleed and you will have to press with a compress on the nail until the bleeding stops. It is also painful, so we recommend that you leave this work on the hand of vets. At our clinic, a vet is here non stop (24/7) in case you need us for a nail cut or an emergency.

After completing the operation, reward it with something tasty, a kiss or a hug, and it will surely be a good boy again next time.

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