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        When a dog is born, through colostrum he receives antibodies that protect him during the first few weeks of his life. At 6 weeks of age, we need to perform vaccination against infectious diseases (such as parvovirosis, distemper, parainfluenza virus etc.), this being done every two weeks, with 4 vaccines.

Our recommendation is that during this period, you need to keep the puppy quarantined. What is quarantine?

He is not allowed to get out of the house, only for a visit to the veterinary office, to be kept in your arms without getting in touch with other animals. It is recommended to be taken out only 14 days after the last vaccine. Also, prior to the first vaccination, an internal deworming with a repeat of 14 days is recommended. For more details, please contact us at the following telephone numbers: 0771.637.818 / 031.421.0324 or at SUPERVET Veterinary Clinic 24/7.

A special situation is that of rabies vaccination, which is mandatory by law in our country. Romanian legislation requires rabies vaccination to be carried out on all dogs starting at the age of 3 months, and then repeated annually. To perform this vaccine, it is mandatory to microchip the dog and record it in RECS (Register of dogs with owners). Also, in order to be able to leave the country with your puppy, he must have the valid anti-rabies vaccine done 3 weeks before leaving the country.

So the craving diseases against which the dogs are vaccinated are (the abbreviations of the vaccines):







For more details about each disease, click on one of the above conditions.

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