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It is a pathology that affects the urinary bladder and / or the urethra of males of this species. Unlike dogs where age increases and the incidence of these pathologies, for cats, on the other hand, the age of 4-7 years presents the highest risk.

From an etiological point of view, in the case of young male cats, the cause remains idiopathic in almost 60% of cases, in 20% the cause is urolithiasis (crystals) or urethral stenosis in another 20%. A recent hypothesis suggests that stress would be the answer in most idiopathic cases.

Urinary blockage develops acutely, and implies the impossibility of evacuating urine from the bladder due to obstruction of the urethra. Thus, urine accumulates in the bladder, causing pain, blocking the kidneys, and if there is no emergency intervention, death occurs.

Generally, owners can see that cats often urinate in small quantities (drops in the litter). Once the obstruction occurs, the cat gets more agitated, stays in the litter, meows and does not find his place. On palpation you may feel the bladder (bladder globe).

This case is a veterinary emergency! Unblocking the urethra with a catheter is done under anesthesia and is generally a short-term procedure. Hospitalization is mandatory because the simple catheterization only solves the problem for the moment. Blood analyzes (hematology and biochemistry) and urine are mandatory to assess the severity of the condition and duration of treatment. In many cases, recurrences are common, but careful follow-up can avoid another blockage.

Both therapy and diet are fundamental factors to keep the patient under control. Increased water consumption is also recommended in such situations and can be stimulated by the purchase of fountains for cats, instead of simple water bowls, with the aim of forming a more diluted urine. If your cat has one of the above-mentioned symptoms, bring him to your doctor immediately! Our non-stop veterinary ambulance service is at your disposal and for any information do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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