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How pets improve our life?

Summarily, pet reduces depression and stress.

There is no need for our scientists to show that the pet caress give us a good vibe, because we can feel it on our skin. Well, scientists say that when we play with a pet, it reduces blood pressure, and increases serum and dopamine levels in the brain, which are the hormones of happiness.

Owners who choose the dog as a pet are more physically active due to daily outdoor walks and, implicitly, healthier.

For those who choose the cat, we can not say the same thing.

Another advantage of owning a pet is derived from our need to provide to the pet conditions for a healthier life. Involvement and empowerment in pet care instills a strong sense of utility with beneficial effects for our mental health, especially for depressed people.

For these reasons, more and more psychotherapists recommend a pet as a way to treat anxious or depressive symptoms.

People who have a dog are more friendly, relate better to others, assume leadership and responsibility, are more empathetic and more self-confident.

Young people who grow up with a dog make easier acquisitions such as responsibility, respect, compassion, empathy, friendship, learn more easily how to socialize and communicate effectively.

Much of the scientists have come to the conclusion that the presence of the pet in the first year of child’s life contributes to the faster strengthening and maturation of the immune system, which will lead to a more adequate immune response of the body throughout life.

Pets have been part of human life since ancient times, since it domesticated the dog or when the Egyptians, for example, “exploited” the ability of cats to hunt rodents. Over the years, portraits of kings and queens with their companions suggest their importance since those times.

Animals are also great for young children with autism and ADHD. Moreover, they will learn to become more responsible by learning to follow a certain program and rules.

  • The presence of an animal can significantly increase positive social behaviors among children with autism spectrum disorder (O’Haire, 2013).
  • Children made fewer errors in match-to-sample categorization task in the presence of a dog relative to a stuffed dog or human (Gee, 2010) .
  • Similar studies may indicate presence of a dog serves as both a source of motivation and a highly salient stimulus for children, allowing them to better restrict their attention to the demands of the task (Gee, 2012) .
  • Therapy animals in pediatric cancer studies improved motivation to participate in treatment protocol, to maintain their motivation over time, and to want to “get better” or stay optimistic (Sobo, 2006), (Barker, 2008) .

Whether it’s day-to-day outdoor walks, reducing anxious states in moments of loneliness and unconditional love, one thing is certain: pets directly influence our physical and mental health.

Often, pet animals can be carriers of germs that can spread to humans (zoonotic diseases), although they do not show disease in any way and look healthy.

As preventive measures, we recommend that you regularly visit your veterinarian (every 2-3 months) and wash yourself every time you touch your pet, no matter how clean you consider it.

If you have any concerns about the diseases that pets can pass to humans, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or visit our non-stop veterinary clinic.

The novelist George Eliot said, “Animals are perfect friends: do not ask questions and do not criticize”. I will add that, they never reveal your secrets. 

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