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The winter holidays are approaching fast and we are sure that some of you will go for a trip with your best friends. Therefore, we thought of presenting you with some ideas that we consider to be helpful when it comes to pet safety when traveling by car.

  1. Get your pet used with long trips. If you are going to go a longer way, prepare for it by taking shorter routes initially and increasing the time spent in the car. If you go abroad, make sure you have proof of the rabies vaccine.
  2. Choose a special transport box. In the case of small and medium sized pets, which sit comfortably in a transport box, this may be a perfect choice for their safety. There is a wide range of such boxes and when making a choice we recommend that you take into account the texture and hardness of the material from which it is made, its shape and size and, last but not least, the anchoring possibilities. For big dogs, you can prepare a special place on the back seat.
  3. Suitably transport boxes. There are special seat belts, in case the one with which your car is provided does not match. It is good to foresee potential falls. Even the pets used with travelling need to be insured because there may be sudden brakes or unforeseen skids due to the slippery road.
  4. Don’t feed your friend while traveling. Give it a light snack 3-4 hours before departure. Otherwise, with the exception of long trips, do not offer your pet consistent food in order to avoid stomach problems. If you spend a longer time on the road, take breaks for feeding and wait at least 15 minutes before continuing your journey. Your furry friend also needs to be hydrated, which is why we recommend you to take a few bottles of water that it usually drinks.
  5. Make sure to stop for potty breaks and relaxation. There are no large spaces where he can run, but it is important that, at a few hours, he should have fresh air. Also, do not forget to have enough toiletries.
  6. Care about you pet safety. Never leave your pet alone in the car. In winter, a parked car can be compared to a refrigerator that keeps in the cold. This can lead to severe colds and even freezing of the paws and the apex.
  7. Prepare a travel kit. Make sure you have more things that your best friend might need in the event of a crash or unexpected car break. Includes a blanket, snacks, a bowl for water, its favorite toy and spare clothing.
  8. If your furry friend takes a special medication, talk to your veterinarian to find out what you should take with you and what you should be careful about. Its safety comes first.

Traveling by car can be the simplest option if your pet is accompanying you and if you take into account the tips above we assure you that you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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