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It’s winter and cold … and we are not the only ones who feel the low temperatures outside, but our four-legged friends too. It is true that they still bear the cold much better than us humans, but it is good to keep in mind some tips to protect them these days.

A balanced diet is definitely one of the first things that we should think about. Change the water from the bowls that are left out, because it quickly frosts.

Not all animals are properly “equipped” for low temperatures: large dogs can maintain their body temperature for a much longer period than small ones, short-haired or weak. For them, in this situation, we warmly recommend winter clothes!

It is also important to think of dogs and cats living outside, in the yard. They need a dry and isolated shelter. In addition, older animals should be kept in heated rooms during the night, due to the fact that the cold intensifies chronic conditions.

 It would be nice to think about street animals as well. It takes very little to help a distressed soul. What you can do is that instead of throwing your old clothes / blankets / towels, you’d better donate them to shelters near you, or put a bowl of dry food outside your house.

Great attention to the animals that are sheltering under the cars. Especially cats tend to stand under the car’s hood near the hot engine. Check before starting the car or eventually throwing an eye under the hood to drive away unwanted guests. Unfortunately, there are many cases of animals trapped in the transmission belt, which often suffer extremely serious injuries.

Did you know that snow can erase traces, and your dog can easily be lost? In particular, puppies who love to play in the snow are unattended and can move away from the owner so that they can not find their way back. Keep them in leash when walking, especially in isolated places.

Do not leave your pet long alone in the car. Both summer and winter extreme temperatures can affect it. Put a blanket on the bench to avoid hypothermia. Also, if you keep them overnight in the garage, make sure you put in safe place the possible solutions that could poison them. Antifreeze for machines and liquid for the radiator even in small quantities can be extremely toxic or even fatal. Because they are sweet are often ingested by both cats and dogs, so take care of the stains that may exist on the ground, clean them well. If you have the suspicion that your pet would have licked or eaten such substances, bring it urgently to our veterinary clinic, or call us!

At our clinic, a veterinarian is non-stop at your disposition if you need an advice or it can help you in the case of an emergency and our veterinary ambulance is available 24/24 h.

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