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Does your dog love winter or would it prefer to lie down on the couch or under a warm blanket? Regardless of the answer, you must protect it, taking into account certain tips for dog care in winter.

Many people believe that their pets can tolerate the cold better than humans because of their fur. It is not mandatory. Like us, they are used with the warmth of an indoor space and cold weather can be difficult to bear. Whatever your point of view is, one thing is for sure: winter is a time when your furry friends need extra care

  1. Check body temperature

During winter, when you are walking outside with your pet, it is important to constantly check if it is shaking, slow down or seem tired. Check for red or gray stains under the fur, on the skin as the animals may freez as well.

2. Limits time spent outside

You may like to spend time outside with your friend, but in winter, even the most furry dog ​​can be cold. The ears, tail and legs are prone to freezing. Go out for a walk and play but when the temperatures are very low, do not let it out much. Usually, when you are cold, this is also true for it.

3. Secure a warm crib

Your dog should not sleep on a cold floor in winter. Choosing the right mattress is an extremely important element. The warm blankets help to create a comfortable place while the higher beds are useful for concrete floors or tiles. Choose a warm spot away from drafts, cold tile or uncarpeted floors, in the same room where it usually sleeps in order to be familiar.

4. Keep your friend away from heaters

Dogs will always look for heat sources in cold winters, sometimes getting too close to them. Protect it from burns by taking care to install protections for heaters and other heat sources. Special attention is needed when there is a fireplace in the house.

5. Give it fish oil supplements

In the cold winter months, fish oil is beneficial for your dog. You can add Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to its diet to prevent skin irritation caused by the weather. Also, this supplements are very useful for older dogs who may have arthritis pain when the temperatures are low.

6. Provide enough fresh water

Hydration is just as important in winter as in summer. Make sure your friend has a bowl of fresh water even at night. If his crib is in an outer space, be careful with the water not to freeze. Also, if it has enough water available, it will not be tempted to eat snow and so you can prevent the risk of swallowing objects or poisoning with chemicals.

7. Opt for clothes

Clothes can be a real help in cold winters, protecting your friend from the cold. At present, they are easy to find and are available for all breeds of dogs. Make sure you choose the right size.

If you take into account the above advice regarding dog care in winter and know your dog well and its specifics, you can ensure a beautiful winter, with conditions to enjoy, feeling loved and safe.

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